Clear-Pb Mobile Barriers

The Regular and the Jumbo Mobile Barriers can safely shield one or two persons. The updated stainless-steel hardware provides the ͞look͟ to your discriminating healthcare designers and their healthcare purchasing staff. These best-selling models are available in 0.5 mm lead equivalence. Ideal for use in Operating Rooms, Special Procedure Suites and Cardiac Cath Labs. The Stainless-Steel Hardware Mobile Barriers are the perfect fit in any imaging room due to their 30 inch width and easy maneuverability.

Regular Barrier 56-603
Deluxe Barrier 56-616, 56-617
Nuclear Medicine Barrier 56-602
Ultra Barrier 56-616/56-617
CLEAR-Pb Lead-Plastic Special Procedures/ Anesthesiology/O.R. Personal X-Ray Protection Mobile Barriers
CLEAR-Pb Mobile Barriers

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Pb Mobile Barriers
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Manual » User's Manual

56-614/615 Clear-Pb Mobile Barriers User Manual
56-6XX Clear-Pb Mobile Barriers User Manual

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56-6XX Clear-Pb Mobile Barriers User Manual Supplement