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We know that you are under pressure of meeting increasing regulatory guidelines, higher quality standards, and rapid technological growth while performing your work faster and more efficiently than ever. Let us know how we can help you meet these demands.

Fluke Biomedical is a leading medical device manufacturer of biomedical test tools.

We provide a diverse range of product solutions:

  • Electrical safety analyzers
  • Patient monitor testers (simulators)
  • Incubator / radiant warmer analyzers
  • Defibrillator / AED / pacemaker analyzers
  • Infusion device analyzers
  • Electrosurgical unit testers
  • Ventilator / gas-flow analyzers
  • Pressure / flow meters
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We regret that the current U.S. Export Regulations prohibit the sale of our products to U.S. embargoed countries. We must, therefore, decline any request for our products.