451P Radiation Detector - Pressurized

Ensure radiation safety using our lightweight 451P ionization chamber survey meter

Originally designed to measure leakage and scatter around diagnostic X-ray and radiation therapy suites, the 451P’s radiation measurement surveying capabilities make it well-suited for a wide range of end users, including X-ray manufacturers, government agencies, state inspectors, biomedical technicians, and maintenance technicians for airport baggage scanners.

451P Radiation Detector - Pressurized
451P Radiation Detector
The shape of your future. NEW! Radiation survey meter. Coming soon.

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Manual » User's Manual

451P Ion Chamber Operator's Manual

Manual » User's Manual supplement

451P Ion Chamber Operator's Manual Supplement


451P Ion Chamber Datasheet
451P Ion Chamber Datasheet


451 CE Declaration of Conformity
451 EU Declaration of Conformity