Getting started with OneQA is easy

Simply follow these steps to complete your first fully automated procedure.

Step 1

Create a new user account by completing the sign up form.

User registration form

Step 2

After creating a user account, a verification email will be sent to the email address provided. After receiving the email, click to Activate Account, which will redirect you back to the Licensing Portal login.

Activation email

Step 3

Enter the credentials for your new account and sign in.

Welcome to OneQA screen

Step 4

On the following form, you can provide details about your goals from using OneQA, which will help us tailor your experience to you. Kindly submit your responses and then click 'Continue'.

What are your goals? Choose

Step 5

On the final form, you should first download the installer for the OneQA desktop application. Execute the installer and follow the installation wizard to setup OneQA on your PC, then launch the desktop application.

OneQA Get started instructions

Step 6

Use the same credentials for your account to login.

OneQA app login

Step 7

You will land on the the Assets page, but may not have added any yet. You can return to this later. Navigate to the Procedures page in the top left corner and download the library of sample procedures. This will retrieve a set of procedures that can be modified and run.. (For more on this, you can read the article on managing procedures)

Procedures clip

Step 8

Before running a procedure, connect your ESA and/or Impulse devices to the PC via USB and power them on. See that they are detected as connected by checking the top right corner of the screen. Now you can run a procedure! Click on a procedure to see its contents. 

Screenshot of test

Step 9

Select Run procedure from the procedure's dropdown menu in the top right corner.

Run procedure

Step 10

Record results by interacting with each test and, once you have recorded all your results, click Done to store them! For more on this, you can read the article on executing procedures in our OneQA Knowledge Base.

Sync Screen example

Congratulations! You have automated your first test!

For more on how to get started, you can also access the Get Started Dashboard in OneQA for further tutorials and environment configuration.

Onboarding dashboard screen