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Metrology, Traceability, and Accreditation

Metrology, the study of measurement and its application, impacts our personal and work lives far more than we realize. As leaders in the industry, we believe it is important to educate as many as possible on why metrology matters. We often take it for granted, but you might start to think twice the next time you add too much cream to your coffee. 

Why Metrology Matters

Simply put, metrology is the science of measurement and its application. It includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement, at any level of uncertainty in any field of application. We all use metrology dozens of times a week. If you have measured cream in your coffee or used an alarm clock or pumped gas into your car, you applied metrology principles. Metrology deals with making accurate, repeatable measurements with a known level of uncertainty.

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What's the Difference?

Adjustment, calibration, and verification are three terms that are often confused but have distinctly different meanings and roles in metrology traceability—change vs. comparison vs. evidence. Understanding the difference between the three terms is crucial to accurate device maintenance.

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Why Metrology Should Matter to You

So what does metrology have to do with medical device QA testing? Quite a lot, actually. Click the video to learn more. 

History of Metrology

Metrology is arguably the oldest scientific pursuit of humanity. This free webinar, provided by Fluke Calibration, offers a brief overview of metrology from the ancient peoples, through the middle ages, and to modern times, including how it is part of the U.S. Constitution. 

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Traceability and instrument calibration — why it matters

With highly specialized medical instruments, it is imperative that rigorous and verifiable calibration be documented. The international vocabulary of metrology defines traceability as the property of a measurement result whereby the result can be related to a reference through a documented unbroken chain of calibrations, each contributing to the measurement uncertainty.

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Accurate measurements matter, and the role of quality laboratory accreditation

Metrology plays a significant role in our everyday lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Without accurate measurements at the laboratory level, much of the technology that gives our lives order would devolve into chaos.

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