RaySafe 452 - Lids and quantities

Instruction video for RaySafe 452 from Fluke Biomedical.
Video Transcription
00:11.010,0:00:19.609 The RaySafe 452 comes with two lids: the Air kerma lid is gray and the Ambient lid is yellow.
00:19.609,0:00:21.570 Just a note before we start.
00:21.570,0:00:27.400 The limited models, called RaySafe 452 Ambient and RaySafe 452 Air kerma can only measure with the lid mounted.
00:32.140,0:00:34.000 We start with the air kerma lid.
00:34.000,0:00:39.469 I you want to change the air kerma unit, you press the up button three times.
00:39.469,0:00:42.940 I want to measure in Gray (Gy).
00:44.460,0:00:48.740 Press the center button to return to the measurement screen.
00:49.380,0:00:52.960 To measure counts, you take the lid off.
00:53.140,0:01:00.220 The quantity automatically changes to counts, without any manual settings.
01:01.700,0:01:05.120 The active sensor area is now limited to this steel grid,
01:05.120,0:01:09.540 which protects the Geiger-Müller pancake.
01:14.700,0:01:21.880 The counter can measure in counts per second (cps) or counts per minute (cpm).
01:24.580,0:01:27.960 Now, let's put on the ambient lid.
01:27.970,0:01:30.560 There is a marking on the lid for guidance.
01:30.560,0:01:34.560 Put the lid on and turn to lock.
01:34.560,0:01:38.610 As you can see, the lid changes the quantity and the measurement unit.
01:38.610,0:01:44.040 Now, we measure ambient dose equivalent in Sievert (Sv).
01:44.040,0:01:46.460 Same here with the unit settings.
01:46.460,0:01:48.760 Press the up button three times.
01:48.760,0:01:52.720 I change from Sievert to rem.
01:54.780,0:01:56.760 When you're done with your measurements,
01:56.760,0:02:00.880 be sure to store the instrument with the lid on for protection.
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