Critical COVID Conversations: ICU Equipment

In this webinar, our expert team is having a discussion about the impact that the COVID pandemic had on the ICU equipment that was critical in keeping up and running in the hospitals. We cover a variety of testing and compliance challenges with ICU equipment, and talk about industry best practices that help increase biomed workflow productivity. 

This webinar was recorded on May 13. Please note: If you leave this page, you will have to start the video from the beginning.

In this video we will cover:

  • COVID Impact on ICU equipment​
  • Biomedical testing in an ICU​
  • Ways to increase testing efficiency

Michael Raiche, Fluke Biomedical Business Unit Leader
Jerry Zion, Fluke Biomedical Global Training Manager
Justin Ross, Director, RossCo Solutions

Webinar Date: 
Fluke Biomedical
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