Primalert 10

05-433 Primalert 10 teletherapy radiation monitor

The 05-433 PRIMALERT® 10 Teletherapy Radiation Monitor is a compact monitor that responds to scatter radiation and can be mounted anywhere in the treatment room. A pair of bright red lamps on the instrument face flash a warning when the source is exposed, and continues until safe conditions are re-established. The flashing green Operation Indicator light indicates continuous monitoring of background radiation and provides visible indication that the instrument is functioning. PRIMALERT® 10 comes with a self-stick wall-mounting bracket and an ac adaptor/power converter.

This product has been discontinued.

Service and repair is guaranteed until September 26, 2028.

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05-433 Primalert 10


05-433 Primalert 10 teletherapy radiation monitor
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