VT Plus HF Gas Flow Ventilator Analyzer

A benchtop ventilator tester with bi-directional flow, pressure, volume, oxygen concentration, and pressure measurements
The VT PLUS HF is Fluke Biomedical’s premier general-purpose gas-flow analyzer. In addition, special display modes and bi-directional flow make it perfect for fully and efficiently testing both conventional mechanical ventilators and high-frequency ventilators. EC.6.20 now requires 100 % completion of scheduled life-support device preventive maintenance every year, and VT PLUS HF can help meet those requirements. Multiple special-function tests make troubleshooting quick and efficient.
This product has been discontinued.

Service and repair is guaranteed until September 30, 2023.

We recommend the VT900 Gas Flow Analyzer in place of this product.

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VT Plus HF Analyzer


VT ESA Certificate of Compliance
VT Plus HF Analyzer Manual
VT Plus HF Analyzer Operator's Manual Supplement

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VT Plus HF Owner's Manual

Application Note

VT App Note: Getting the Most for Your Money: Gas Flow Test Equipment
VT PLUS HF Gas Flow Analyzer and Blender Testing
VT PLUS HF performance verification of Bunnell Life-Pulse HFJV (High Frequency Jet Ventilator)
VT Plus HF App Note: Manual Entry
VT PLUS HF: Printing test results directly from VT PLUS HF parallel printer port using printers other than those listed in the Printer Type menu
VT Plus HF App Note: Ventilator Compensation Mode Settings


Gas Flow Family Brochure 


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