489-110CDE Geiger-Mueller Alpha Beta Gamma X-ray Pancake Probe

Designed for use in conjunction with the ASM-990 Series and other standard GM survey meters, the 489-110D can detect alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. It is configured for operating convenience in table-top and floor surveys as well as surveys of personnel and equipment. Prime applications for this probe include nuclear medicine counter tops and frisker stations, leakage detection for low energy diagnostic X-ray machines, geological and environmental surveys or any place where there exists the suspicion that some form of radiation is present, especially emergency response teams. For storage and carrying ease, the probe fits into the standard handle clip on a survey meter. The GM probe comes in two configurations: 489-110D with an ABS plastic housing, MHV connector, and foam grip, or 489-110E with a BNC connector. This selection of connectors provides the ability to attach the GM probe to most GM survey meters on the market. Replacement foam grip handles are available: 489-130-44. This same probe design is available in a rugged metal housing as 489-110C.

Product Details

489-110CDE Probe