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ROI Calculators

Medical Device Testing Return on Investment Calculators - Productivity Tools

We realize you are being asked to do more work, in a shorter amount of time, with fewer resources. Our equipment is designed to help you:

  • Save time and money by increasing productivity
  • Reduce human error and meet regulatory compliance by using onboard automation, built-in workflows, and automated documentation

Simply input the figures for the number of devices you test along with your average test times to calculate the annual savings when using Fluke Biomedical test tools and automation.

Vital Signs Patient Monitors

Patient Simulator ROI Calculator »

Electrical Safety Analyzers

Electrical Safety ROI Calculator »

Defibrillator Analyzers

Defibrillator Analyzer ROI Calculator »

SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Analyzers

SpO2 Analyzer ROI Calculator »

If you would like to understand the strength of test automation across your entire fleet of medical equipment, please fill out the form to speak with an expert.

Electrosurgical Analyzers

Electrosurgery Analyzer ROI Calculator »

Blood Pressure Analyzers

NIBP Testing ROI Calculator »

Infusion Device Analyzers

Infusion Pump Analyzer ROI Calculator »

Glas Flow / Ventilator Analyzers

Gas Flow/Anaesthesia Machine ROI Calculator »

*ROI = Return on Investment