Full range measurements

Ease-of-use means you get everything you need in one exposure, with one sensor – automatically. The RaySafe X2 offers sensors for R/F, MAM, CT, Survey, and even light applications. Choose the sensors you need and add the ones you will need at a later stage. The X2 sensors are made without the need to select ranges or special modes. Most sensors also measure waveforms that can be analyzed directly on the base unit.

Intuitive interface and first-class precision

The RaySafe X2 sensors and electronics are specifically designed to minimize the need for user interaction. A groundbreaking concept in sensor design and circuitry provides unsurpassed accuracy, reproducibility and sensitivity. Intelligent algorithms clearly indicate when a parameter is outside its specified range.

Finally, a built-in, self-test system ensures your system is in complete working order. This provides added peace of mind and further assures accurate measurements the first time and every time.


Easily position the sensor to obtain the most accurate R/F reading. Spend more time analyzing the results than positioning the sensor.

  • Advanced stacked sensor technology is orientation independent and eliminates the need for selections and corrections, and prevents heel effect influences on the measurements 
  • Small radiological footprint minimizes the impact of the automatic exposure control of the X-ray machine
  • Use it on all R/F applications without the need to select ranges or modes
  • Measure all radiological parameters such as dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, total filtration, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse – in one exposure. 

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Connect and immediately measure without any selection of beam quality or difficult positioning. Obtain state-of-the-art precision in dose and HVL readings without any pre-knowledge of the mammography machine. 

  • Take kVp readings with one quick swipe using the Quick Setting menu with beam qualities
  • Active Compensation technology makes sensor insensitive to variations in filter thicknesses and tube aging effects
  • Unique stacked sensor technology prevents the influences of heel effects on the measurements and is orientation independent 
  • Use it on all mammographic applications including scanning tomosynthesis
  • Measure all radiological parameters such as dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse – in one exposure. 

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Easily gather dose measurements for CTDI calculations and related quantities within Computed Tomography. 

  • Sensor fits directly into a head and body phantom, or can easily be positioned free-in-air in the gantry with the X2 Flexi stand
  • Fragile and noisy analog cables traditionally associated with ion-chambers are eliminated due to the sensor’s built-in bias supply and electrometer
  • There is no need for manual temperature or pressure corrections because the CT sensor has built-in technology to manage both with complete precision
  • X2 CT sensor can measure exposure time and dose rate waveforms 

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The versatile X2 Survey sensor is primarily used to perform leakage and scatter measurements in diagnostic X-ray applications. Unlike a pressurized ion-chamber, a silicon based sensor can be shipped via air or ground without any special considerations or arrangements. 

  • Intuitive user interface displays dose, dose rate, mean energy and time, as well as the dose rate waveform. 
  • Operation is simplified with a real-time dose rate bar visible in the display and a ticker that provides the typical “survey” sound directly proportional to the dose rate
  • Manual and automatic trigger modes make the sensor an excellent tool for low dose rate measurements in the primary beam of the X-ray machine
  • Several instruments in one with ability to switch energy response between Air Kerma (Gy or R) and Ambient Dose Equivalent (Sv). 

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Reliable photopic responses and an easy to use ergonomic design with the X2 Light Sensor.

  • Easily take manual or automatic measurements with the easy-to-mount ergonomic design in durable aluminum. 
  • Small aperture angle ensures compliance with international regulations. 
  • For added ease-of-use, an acquisition key is available on both the sensor and in the base unit interface. 


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RaySafe X2 X-ray Measurement System

If you don’t already have the X2 base unit, check out this user-friendly system designed to minimize hassle and simplifying your life. The sensors can be purchased all at once or added as needed. Just plug in the sensor you need and start measuring. 

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