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Radiation survey meters in hospitals: technology, challenges, and a new approach

Read this technical white paper regarding the use of radiation survey meters in hospitals. If you or anyone on your team is interested in learning more about the technology behind radiation survey meters and the benefits of using one you should read this white paper. The RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey Meter is discussed at the end of the paper but the focus is radiation survey meters in general. It also includes graphs and charts showing photon energy spectrums; application examples with radiation type, measurement units and energy ranges; and intermittent radiation pulsed exposures.

  1. Why radiation survey meters are needed in hospitals
  2. Radiation survey meters technology
    1. Ionization chambers
    2. Geiger-Müller tube (GM tube)
    3. Scintillators
  3. Why a new survey meter?
    1. Energy dependence
    2. Challenging measurement cases
    3. Wall leakage measurements
    4. Practical considerations
  4. The RaySafe 452 Design & general features
    1. Dose and dose rate
    2. Mean photon energy
    3. Pulsed exposures
    4. Responses times Counts

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