VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer

Designed for accuracy and portability, the VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer is a high quality, basic needs gas flow analyzer

Accurately test gas flow equipment including ventilators with the all-in-one, portable Fluke Biomedical VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer.

VT650 Front View
VT650 Back View
VT650 Bottom View
VT650 Top View
VT650 Stand View
VT650 Handle View
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Product Details

VT650 Analyzer

Manual » Getting Started Guide

VT650/VT900 Getting Started Guide

Manual » Getting started supplement

VT650/VT900 Getting Started Manual Supplement

Manual » User's Manual

VT650 User's Manual
VT650/900A User's Manual

Manual » User's Manual supplement

VT650/900A User's Manual Supplement
VT650/VT900 User's Manual Supplement

Application Note

Creating Test Profiles on the VT650/VT900
Interpreting and adjusting the graphical output of the VT650 and VT900


VT650 Data Sheet