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Are you prepared to accurately test your medical equipment or are you new to testing for your organization and not sure where to begin? If so, then register for a series of webinars, designed just for you. During the month of September, we will host a series of webinars, beginning with this topic of the month – Uncover Common Myths in Biomedical Testing


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EMPOWER Webinar - Uncover Common Myths in Biomedical Testing 

This webinar helps to debunk some common myths and share some best practices and shortcuts. OneQA software is featured as an enabler of several shortcuts including standardizing your test procedures and utilizing workflow automation to save you time and improve test quality. This webinar features a testimonial from one of our customers, Mt. Nittany Medical Center, and a quick demo of how OneQA procedure standardization, automation, and reporting looks and feels. Be sure to check it out!


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EMPOWER Webinar - Next-Level Electrosurgical Testing  

In this webinar focused on Electrosurgical Testing, OneQA is touted as a strong best practice – ensuring all test steps are in the procedure enabling every technician the ability to see how to make the connections and how to easily automate documentation and reporting. As a special feature, a quick OneQA demonstration was held at the end to show all of this in action. See how OneQA can help you take your electrosurgical testing to the next level.


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EMPOWER Webinar - OneQA Test Automation: What is it - How does it work  

This webinar will explain what OneQA is, does and means. We’ll walk through the features that OneQA can offer you and show you how it will streamline your workflows, save you time and, ultimately, keep your patients safe. Watch to learn more and see how OneQA workflow automation software is right for you.


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DEMO DAY – OneQA Workflow Automation Software  

Watch this short product demonstration of OneQA, followed by a Q&A session to ask our product team specific questions you might have about our products and applications.


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