VT305 Medical Gas Flow Meter and Analyzer

A gas flow meter that analyzes the performance of all medical gas flow or pressure producing devices.

The VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer is the quick and easy way to test medical gas flow and pressure devices. It is more than just gas flow meter; it analyzes the performance of a wide variety devices and multiple ventilator parameters.

This product has been discontinued.

Service and repair is guaranteed until September 30, 2023.

We recommend the VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer in place of this product.

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VT305 User's Manual
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VT305 用户手册
VT305 ESA Certificate of Compliance
VT305 IntraTest Results
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VT305 Manuale d'Uso

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VT App Note: Getting the Most for Your Money: Gas Flow Test Equipment


VT305 技术数据
VT305 Datasheet
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VT305 テクニカルデータ
VT305 Dados técnicos
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