The future of biomedical testing has arrived.

Save time, reduce errors, and automate your workflow when you standardize procedures, manuals, information, notes, and instructions with OneQA software. Experience OneQA on the ProSim 8 multifunction patient simulator today.

Safety x Accuracy x Efficiency = Power3

Using OneQA with your ProSim8 can help you save time and reduce error because OneQA automatically:

  • Sets up the simulation to be sent to the patient monitor
  • Reduces the need for multiple simulators and button strokes
  • Generates a combined electrical and patient simulation tests report
  • Automates the electrical safety test if done with a compatible ESA

Additionally, OneQA software can also:

  • Be used alone or connected to your CMMS
  • Work with or without an internet connection
  • Store procedures, manuals, photos, and notes making them available at point-of-use
  • Automate tests on a selection of Fluke Biomedical tools in addition to the ProSim 8

The power and flexibility of Fluke Biomedical OneQA just might make it your new favorite tool.

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