ISO 17025 Calibration

Understanding ISO 17025: The Gold Standard in Calibration and Testing

What Is ISO 17025?

ISO 17025 is the internationally recognized standard that outlines the requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. Established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), this standard is designed to promote confidence in laboratory operations and their ability to produce precise and accurate test and calibration data.

The Two Key Pillars of ISO 17025

ISO 17025 is built upon two primary components:

  • Technical Competence: The ability of a laboratory to produce technically valid results.
  • Quality Management System: The management processes that ensure consistent, high-quality operations and outcomes.

Together, these pillars ensure that laboratories operate according to strict guidelines that foster excellence and reliability in every aspect of their work.

Why Is ISO 17025 Important?

Certification to ISO 17025 has several significant benefits:

  • Confidence in Results: Laboratories certified to ISO 17025 have demonstrated their capability to produce accurate and reliable results, which is vital for critical healthcare decisions.
  • International Recognition: ISO 17025 is a globally recognized standard, meaning that data from accredited laboratories are accepted worldwide.
  • Continuous Improvement: The standard encourages laboratories to continuously improve their quality processes and operational efficiencies.

Regulatory Compliance: ISO 17025 helps laboratories comply with regulatory and safety requirements, mitigating legal risks.

ISO 17025 Certification Process

Achieving ISO 17025 certification is a rigorous process that involves a comprehensive review of a laboratory's procedures, equipment, staff qualifications, quality control measures, and overall management systems. Accreditation bodies assess laboratories to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the standard. This process includes:

  • Documentation Review: Evaluating the quality manual and all associated procedures and policies.
  • On-Site Assessment: Inspecting laboratory operations and comparing them against the ISO 17025 criteria.
  • Proficiency Testing: Demonstrating the ability to produce accurate results through standardized tests.
  • Corrective Actions: Addressing any non-conformities found during the assessment.

Upholding ISO 17025: A Priority at Fluke Biomedical

At Fluke Biomedical, we recognize the critical importance of accurate calibration and testing. That's why we are proud to operate in accordance with ISO 17025 standards, ensuring that our services meet the highest levels of technical competence and quality management. When you choose Fluke Biomedical, you choose a partner dedicated to excellence and reliability in healthcare.


ISO 17025 certification is more than just a set of requirements; it is a testament to a laboratory's commitment to excellence. By adhering to this gold standard, Fluke Biomedical demonstrates its dedication to providing services that healthcare providers can trust. For more information on our calibration services and how we uphold the stringent criteria of ISO 17025, please contact us.