RaySafe i3 on 2 staff in surgury

Managing Your Radiation Exposure

Fredrik Celén


Looking to learn more about real-time dosimetry? We've got you covered! Below are several online learning resources, available at your leisure. 

Webinar: Keep Your Radiation Dose Under Control Using Visual Feedback

This free on-demand webinar covers the ALARA principle, actions one can take to control personal radiation dose, and how real-time information about radiation exposure can encourage additional steps to ensure optimal protection and the lowest possible exposure. 

Video: RaySafe i3 Real-time Radiation Dosimeter

Learn how radiation exposure can instantly be managed with the RaySafe i3 dosimeter. It provides immediate feedback so medical staff can see how changes in behavior and X-ray equipment use can reduce radiation exposure, instantly.

White Paper: Real-time staff dose radiation monitoring: Immediate and long-term solutions for reducing medical radiation risks 

"RTSD is easy to use, set up, install, and implement by digitally assigning a dosimeter badge to each participant. Active dosimetry provides all exposed medical personnel with real-time feedback on their personal exposure and an opportunity to immediately evaluate..." Continue reading this technical white paper regarding the adoption of real-time staff dosimetry in hospitals.

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