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RaySafe View

RaySafe View

The program RaySafe View can be used as an extended display and tool for further data analysis. RaySafe View also connects to Microsoft Excel.  RaySafe View replaces X2 view and contains all the functionalities of X2 view, and more.

RaySafe View supports the RaySafe X2, the RaySafe X2 Solo and the RaySafe 452.

Download the latest version of RaySafe View.

The old program X2 View is still supported but will not be further developed. Update notifications in X2 View link to RaySafe View.



RaySafe X2 View

When working with the RaySafe X2, you have multiple options for software that makes your X2 work even better. The X2 View can be used as an extended display of the base unit or as a tool for further data analysis. 


RaySafe Xi View

RaySafe Xi View is a stand-alone software which displays and stores all exposure data including kV, radiation and mA waveforms measured by the RaySafe Xi. Data is stored in an XML or CSV format for later retrieval, analysis and reports. Furthermore, RaySafe Xi View enables you to control your RaySafe Xi remotely from a PC and to transfer measured dose data directly into Excel™ for additional reports. There are two options of connecting your RaySafe Xi using the RaySafe Xi View: With the RS-232 cable to the PC or with an optional Bluetooth module directly to the RaySafe Xi serial port.Download