ESA Family Software and Firmware

ESA609 Firmware v1.01

This firmware fixes calculation of the Line-to-Neutral voltage measurement



ESA612 Data Viewer Software

Free software allows you to connect the ESA612 Electrical Safety Analyzer to your PC and download test records.


• Windows® 2000, XP, or Vista
• Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Firmware Update

ESA615 Firmware Upgrade

ESA615 firmware v3.00 does not require recalibration if upgraded from v2.12. Older firmware MUST be calibrated when upgrading to activate improvements to differential leakage measurements. Instructions are included in the zip file.


Ansur Executive 2.9.7 and Ansur ESA615 Plugin or later

ESA620 Firmware Upgrade

Instructions are included in zip file. Note: Install this latest firmware version only if your firmware is 2.10. For older versions of firmware, please have the unit serviced by Fluke Biomedical for upgrade.