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Fluke Biomedical Calibration and Repair

Highly credentialed and equipped with an NVLAP Lab Code 200566-0 accredited laboratory in Cleveland, Fluke Biomedical calibrates and repairs instruments of all industry makes and models from all over the world. Serving over 50,000 customers and 191 nuclear power facilities worldwide, Fluke Biomedical's teams of physicists, engineers and technicians process thousands of instrument calibrations and repairs per month and employ computer tracking to ensure rapid high-quality turnaround. Each Fluke Biomedical service center is equipped with the necessary instruments, standards, procedures, and personnel to maintain our products at peak performance. Fluke Biomedical can calibrate most other manufacturers' instrumentation. Proper use of measurement standards is carefully and continually monitored through a corporate controlled audit program.
Fluke Biomedical service center