RaySafe 452 - Using RaySafe View

Learn how to work with RaySafe 452 connected to a computer running RaySafe View.
Video Transcription
0:00:08.980,0:00:11.220 RaySafe View is a PC software.
0:00:11.220,0:00:15.400 Download and install it on your PC.
0:00:15.620,0:00:18.880 The RaySafe 452 comes with a USB cable.
0:00:18.880,0:00:23.080 Use it to connect the instrument to the PC.
0:00:25.260,0:00:28.900 As a bonus, the battery is now charging.
0:00:32.580,0:00:39.160 To import stored measurements, go to the File menu and click "Import from instrument".
0:00:42.280,0:00:47.210 Select the sessions you want and click "Import".
0:00:49.380,0:00:52.800 Each measurement has a row in the list.
0:00:52.800,0:00:54.560 Click on a measurement to see the waveform.
0:00:54.560,0:00:59.050 I'm interested in the dose rate value of this peak.
0:00:59.050,0:01:02.920 I press ctrl, then click and drag to zoom in.
0:01:02.920,0:01:07.780 To make a selection, press shift and then click and drag.
0:01:07.780,0:01:13.460 Here you can see some data, for instance the maximum dose rate for the selection.
0:01:13.470,0:01:16.970 You can also add notes to the measurement.
0:01:16.970,0:01:21.540 The notes are saved with the RaySafe View file.
0:01:24.940,0:01:28.180 You can change the instrument settings from RaySafe View.
0:01:28.180,0:01:31.940 Press the cogwheel to access the instrument settings.
0:01:31.940,0:01:36.600 Let's change the dose unit.
0:01:41.090,0:01:44.340 You can also store measurements from RaySafe View.
0:01:44.340,0:01:48.860 Click on the "Store measurement" button.
0:01:50.960,0:01:56.560 Save the RaySafe View file on your disk for later analysis or for documentation.
0:01:57.280,0:02:02.400 If you want to analyze data with another tool, you can save a csv file.
0:02:02.400,0:02:07.060 Csv stands for comma-separated values.
0:02:08.600,0:02:12.620 You can also export data to Microsoft Excel.
0:02:12.620,0:02:15.930 Click "Connect" in the Excel panel.
0:02:15.930,0:02:19.280 Then click "Export".
0:02:19.540,0:02:23.660 Now you can analyze the data in Excel.
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