RaySafe 452 - Stored measurements

Learn how to store measurements and how to view the stored measurements.
Video Transcription

The RaySafe 452 automatically saves a log of the dose rate or count rate

with one second resolution, from power on to power off.

If you want to define the start of a new measurement, press the center button.

When you press the center button, the rate log and the readings on the screen are stored.

Readings are reset and a new measurement begins.

The same thing happens automatically whenyou mount or unmount a lid,

after 24 hours of continuous measurements, or when you turn the instrument off.

The down arrow on the screen indicates that there are measurements stored since power on.

I press the down button to take a look at them.

The measurements are sorted in chronological order,

and you press left to see the previous measurements.

All measurements stored since power on are visible here.

If you want to view older measurements, you use the PC software RaySafe View.

Start RaySafe View.

The RaySafe 452 comes with a USB cable.

Connect the cable and now live measurementswill appear in RaySafe View.

To import stored measurements, go to the File menu and click "Import from instrument".

From here, you access all measurements from the instrument memory.

Select the sessions you want and click "Import".

Now you can analyze your data.

You can find more about analysis and waveformsin a separate video.

The RaySafe 452 is also suitable for long measurements.

It can store 4000 measurements and up to ten days of dose rate or count rate logs.

If you want to measure for longer than that, you can keep the instrument connected to RaySafe View.

After 24 hours of measurements, a new measurementbegins automatically as a new row in RaySafe View.

You can also store a measurement directly in RaySafe View at any time, by clicking "Store measurement".

There is no auto-save function in RaySafe View,so if you run long measurements,

make sure to save the file every now and then.

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