RaySafe 452 - Settings

A walk-through of the instrument settings.
Video Transcription


To access the settings, you press the up arrow from the measurement screen.

The first setting is for the display backlight.

You can turn it off or on, and the setting will take effect immediately.

Pressing the center button at any time will take you back to the measurement screen.

Press the up arrow twice to go to the setting for measurement sound.

Let's turn it on and listen.

Each pop sound corresponds to a discharge of the Geiger-Müller pancake.

I'll turn it off again for now.

The next setting, when pressing the up arrow, is for the measurement unit.

The possible choices depend on what lid you have mounted.

Next comes the alarm level setting.

This one also depends on the lid you have.

The alarm level is the dose rate or count rate where the alarm will go off.

You can turn it off, or select a level from a list.

The levels are spread all over the measurement range.

If you want to hear what it sounds like, there is a test function as well.

The last screen holds some information about the system: firmware version, serial number,

checksum for adjustment data and adjustment date.

Pressing the center button takes us back to the measurement screen,

where I can show you the shortcuts.

If you want to turn on or off the measurement sound,

you press the left arrow button for a few seconds.

It toggles on and off.

The same goes for the display backlight.

You toggle it with a long press on the right arrow button, like this.

Settings can also be changed using RaySafe View. More about that in a separate video.

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