RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey Meter: By Physicists for Physicists

Learn about the RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey meter, the different applications it can be used for, and see how a LANDAUER physicist uses the 452 on the job.

RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey Meter: By Physicists for Physicists YouTube Video
Video Transcription

Welcome and thank you for choosing RaySafe model 452 as your radiation survey meter. This video will provide an overview of the unique features of RaySafe 452 and demonstrate some examples of how it can be used for different clinical applications, involving ionizing radiation. RaySafe 452 consists of a combination of two types of survey meters, silicon diodes in a Geiger Muller pancake group. This instrument has two interchangeable lids to switch between different modes such as air chroma and being dose equivalent in counts for alpha beta and gamma radiation. With RaySafe 452 no preset ops or corrections are required to perform survey measurements. All measurements can be stored in the instrument and can view, analyze and document that using RaySafe view PC software preset view. It can be downloaded through red saves an online website. Also, RaySafe 452 presents an ergonomic and lightweight option to facilitate any kind of radiation survey, this design makes RaySafe 452 a versatile radiation survey meters with flat energy response, along with high sensitivity and quick time response. Let's have a quick look at race length model 452 and his features. The instrument is easy to handle and requires minimal effort to carry around. It contains silicon diodes and a metal grate for gamma remote. There are two legs, the grail it identifies the measure for air kerma. The label contains additional information regarding the ranges to perform earth chroma measurements. The yellow lid identifies the measure for ambient dose equivalent. The label also contains additional information regarding the ranges to perform ambient those measurements. To place a lid, simply align the black line from the lid with the black line in the detector and twist to lock properly. The device is now ready to use to power on press and hold the center body. The device will take around five seconds to initialize. The main screen is composed of several sections. At the top, you will see the current audio and light setup and battery life the remaining of the screen is also composed of several rules. The first row represents the radiation intensity, the second row the accumulated dose third-row radiation means energy, and the fourth row is the highest intensity recorded to change. For the screen, light settings press the upper arrow button and select the brightness desired to press the upper arrow again. To change the router settings units are changed by pressing once again the upper arrow select the unit that better suits your radiation measurement. A radiation limit can be selected for your measurement by going into alarm settings raised by the 452 device. Information can be accessed through this screen. The final row shows the calibration date. To store a measurement, press the center button. The device records a lock of the dose rate or counters 8 with a one-second resolution from power on to power. If you want to define the beginning of a new measurement press the center button. Their readings on the screen are also stored at an arrow bottom and will appear at the bottom. To access the store measurements while power on measurements is assorted in chronological order. If you want to see all measurements, use trace a or 50 to view software to use the detector in Geiger Muller mode. The units in Geiger Muller mode are automatically changed by the system no pre-setup is required to prefer ambient those measurements. Just place the yellow lid into the detector and start collecting your measurements. The device will automatically change in units. To power up the device just press and hold the center button. RaySafe 452 can be recharged using a USB connection. The same USB port can be used to plug in a USB cable to access all your recorded data. Always store the device without a lead on to protect the Geiger Muller metal grid. The device can now be safely stored.

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