Infusion Device Testing Redefined: Unleash the Power of IDA-6

Elevate Your Infusion Device Testing with IDA-6 

Unlock the full potential of your medical equipment quality assurance processes with Fluke Biomedical's IDA-6—your gateway to precision, efficiency, and innovation in infusion device analysis. Watch the complete webinar for an in-depth exploration of the IDA-6's capabilities and earn CE credits from ACI

Infusion Device Testing Redefined | Unleash the Power of IDA 6

Key Features of IDA-6 

IDA-6 stands out with its user-friendly interface, versatile testing capabilities, and streamlined processes: 

  • One QA Enabled: Automates test procedures and data collection for seamless integration. 
  • Minimized Downtime: Removable channels allow for continuous operation during calibration or repairs. 
  • IntelliPumpTM Technology: Utilizes a recirculating system, eliminating the need for Micro90 cleaning solution. 
  • Enhanced Performance: Offers improved speed and accuracy over its predecessor, IDA-5. 
  • Touchscreen Simplicity: Simplifies user interaction with an intuitive 10-inch touchscreen interface. 
  • Wireless Convenience: Conduct tests and sync results wirelessly to your PC. 

Simplifying the Process 

The IDA-6 revolutionizes testing with its user-centric design and innovative features: 

  • Removable Channels: Send individual channels for calibration without halting operations. 
  • Large Carrying Handle: Ensures portability for on-site testing needs. 
  • Peripheral Compatibility: Supports additional devices like barcode scanners for asset management. 

IntelliPumpTM Advantage 

The IntelliPumpTM  Technology offers a clean, simplified testing process: 

  1. No Repriming: The recirculating system allows for continuous testing without the need to reprime between tests. 
  2. No Micro-90 Required: Reduces the complexity and mess associated with traditional testing methods. 

Performance Excellence 

Experience the heightened accuracy and efficiency of the IDA-6: 

  • Touchscreen Interface: Easy navigation and control without the need for a manual. 
  • Multiple Testing Capabilities: Test up to four infusion devices simultaneously for increased productivity. 

To explore the full capabilities of the IDA-6 and see how it can transform your quality assurance processes, be sure to watch the webinar now. Elevate your testing standards and harness the power of precision with the Fluke Biomedical IDA-6.

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