Beaver Valley Power Station

Analog to digital upgrade

At Victoreen, we believe in providing our customers with the latest technology to optimize their operations. That’s why we recently partnered with Beaver Valley Power Station to upgrade their older analog equipment and replace it with our new digital equipment. This is a common project we work on with our existing customers since many of the previous products we sold to them 30+ years ago consisted of entirely analog equipment.

Our digital ratemeters offer several benefits over analog ratemeters. They are compatible with GM, Ion Chamber, or Scintillation Detectors and come with a high visibility LED display and status indicators. The small front panel allows a dedicated display for each channel while minimizing panel space. Each ratemeter is available with international units display and can interface with “smart detectors.” To minimize costs, we were able to use existing cabling at our customer’s facility when replacing most of their analog readouts.

The analog to digital upgrade with Beaver Valley Power Station was completed in a “phased approach,” allowing the station to continue operation on the existing channels. The process Case study of upgrading from our 800 series equipment to our 900 or 1000 series equipment involves removing the existing 842 Analog Ratemeter and the existing ratemeter to cabinet entry terminal block cable. Then, install the Model 948-1 Chassis or 948-10 Chassis Adaptor in the space previously occupied by the 842 Analog Ratemeter, install the new 942A/1042A Digital Ratemeter into the Chassis Adaptor, and install the new Cable Stub Assembly. Finally, update plant documentation and test procedures.

At Victoreen, we understand that upgrading from analog to digital equipment can be daunting. That’s why we provide assistance at every step along the way and offer on-site support from our engineers. We can also assist with updating plant documentation and test procedures as needed. Our dedication to the design, fabrication, testing, and support of all equipment for the life of our customers’ plants is what we strive for.

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Case Study

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