Fluke Biomedical PS320 Fetal Simulator

The PS320 is a fetal monitor simulator that accurately tests and troubleshoots.

At week five, a fetus’ heart starts beating, increasing to 155 to 195 beats per minute prior to birth. The strength and number of beats can be measured by a fetal electronic monitor to determine whether a fetus is in distress. The PS320 fetal simulator mimics fetal and maternal heartbeats (ECG), along with uterine activity during labor to accurately test and troubleshoot fetal electronic monitors.

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PS320 Quick Start

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PS320 Simulator User Manual

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PS320 Simulator User's Manual Supplement

Application Note

PS320 App Note: Performance verification of HP/Agilent/Philips fetal monitors with the PS320 Fetal Simulator


Neonatal Test Solutions Brochure
PS 320 Simulator Datasheet
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