IDA-1S Infusion Device Analyzer

The portable, high-performance infusion device analyzer designed for testing on-the-go.

Users who want fast verification of infusion device performance, plus the mobility to do preventive device maintenance in multiple locations, prefer manual testing, or only need a one-channel analyzer, will find the IDA-1S infusion device analyzer the perfect choice. It's a portable, battery-operated analyzer that allows for easy traceability of test results without the complexity of other infusion pump testers.

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Product Details

IDA-1S Analyzer

Manual » Getting Started Guide

IDA-1S Getting Started (zh-s)
IDA-1S Getting Started
IDA-1S Manuel d'Introduction
IDA-1S Einleitungshandbuch
IDA-1S Manuale dei prodotti
IDA-1S スタートガイド
IDA-1S Manual de Introdução
IDA-1S Manual de funcionamiento básico
IDA-1S Getting Started (ko)

Manual » User's Manual

Hydro User's Manual
Mode d'emploi Hydro User's Manual


Hydro 用户手册
Hydro Bedienungshandbuch
Hydro Manuale d'Uso
Hydro ユーザーズ・マニュアル
Hydro Manual do Usuário
Hydro Manual de uso
Hydro 사용자 설명서


IDA-1S 技术数据
IDA-1S Datasheet
IDA-1S User Manual
IDA-1S Données techniques
IDA-1S Mode d'emploi
IDA-1S Technische Daten
IDA-1S Bedienungshandbuch
IDA-1S Manuale d'Uso
IDA-1S ユーザーズ・マニュアル
IDA-1S Dados técnicos
IDA-1S Manual do Usuário
IDA-1S Datos técnicos
IDA-1S Manual de uso
IDA-1S 사용자 설명서
IDA-1S Технические данные
IDA-1S Руководство пользователя