LT544Dlite digital safety tester

This device is designed to perform simple electrical safety tests on any type of medical equipment, whenever patient lead testing is not required.The rugged, hand-held instrument is built for quick and easy use. A simple selector knob controls the functions: Leakage Current and Chassis Resistance. Accurate test measurements are shown on the large display.Heavy-duty switches change polarity, open and close the neutral and select Chassis or Earth Leakage Current measurements. A four-wire Kelvin bridge eliminates reading errors in resistance due to cable length and contact resistance. True RMS measurements are provided for all current readings. The AAMI test load is utilized.

This product has been discontinued.

Service and repair is guaranteed until June 06, 2019.

We recommend the ESA609 Electrical Safety Analyzer in place of this product.

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LT544Dlite digital safety tester