DPM4 Vacuum Pressure Tester

Lightweight, Compact Size and Battery Operational

DPM4 Parameter Tester is a highly accurate meter for testing a wide range of medical devices. Key features include its lightweight, compact size and battery operation. The DPM4 is ideal for the testing done as part of preventive maintenance or repair processes whenever measurement of pressure, flow, or relative humidity is required.

DPM4 Parameter Tester
DPM4 Parameter Tester

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DPM4 Pressure Tester

Manual » User's Manual

DPM4 用户手册
DPM4 User Manual
Download: English
DPM4 Manuale d'Uso
Download: English
DPM4 Mode d'emploi
Download: French
DPM4 Bedienungshandbuch
Download: German
DPM4 ユーザーズ・マニュアル
Download: Japanese
DPM4 Manual de uso
Download: Spanish


DPM III User's Guide
Download: English


DPM4 Parameter Tester Datasheet
Download: English
DPM4 User's Manual Supplement
Download: English