Independent Service Organizations (ISO)

Fluke Biomedical equips our ISO partners with a comprehensive suite of tailor-made products, services, and support. We focus on empowering your biomedical technicians with intuitive, user-friendly test instruments designed for optimal efficiency. With our modernized tools, you can fast-track the training of new technicians, ensuring your service teams are always performing at their peak.

Customer Success Stories

ReNew Biomedical

Ease of use, the ability to build procedures, and integrated test setup guidance to quickly bring new techs up to speed made OneQA the ideal solution for ReNew Biomedical.


“OneQA has helped us with speed, but it’s also helped us ensure that every step is getting done along the way and that everyone knows exactly how to do each step.”

- Josh Weatherford
  Biomedical Manager, CBET
  ReNew Biomedical