Mammography Measurements Using the RaySafe X2

RaySafe x2 front

Mammography machines, compared to other x-ray diagnostic imaging machines, face some additional challenges when it comes to non-invasive measurements. The digital revolution has resulted in a huge variety of target filter combinations and additional acquisition modes. Measuring on all these variations can be a huge challenge. Over time, the x-ray tube anode surface wears down and results in reduced output intensity and change of the x-ray spectrum. The same thing can happen with the filters. This challenges dose and HVL sensors for mammography to handle unexpected...”

Anders Fransson, Training & Product Specialist at RaySafe, held a webinar showing how the RaySafe X2 system simplifies mammography radiation measurements such as dose, HVL, and kV on all commercially available mammography machines.

The presentation covered:

  • The challenges of making measurements on mammography machines
  • The design of the RaySafe X2 MAM sensor
  • How the X2 MAM sensor measures dose, HVL and time for all beam qualities, without settings
  • Tube voltage measurements on mammography machines
  • Applications and measurement examples

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