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DefibrillatorACLS Defibrillator

Team Fluke: Impulse 7000DP, Impulse 7010, ESA612

Save as much as $1,094* USD

AnesthesiaAnesthesia Delivery Machine

Team Fluke: VT900A + VAPOR, ESA612, ProSim 8
– Save as much as $2,590* USD

Patient MonitorLow Acuity Patient Monitor

Team Fluke: ESA612, ProSim 4, SPOT LIGHT
– Save as much as $898* USD


Team Fluke: VT650 + ACCU Lung II, ESA612
Save as much as $958* USD

Critical Care MonitorCritical Care Patient Monitor

Team Fluke: ESA612, ProSim 8, ProSim SPOT
Save as much as $1,345* USD


Pick your winning line-up.

  • Impulse 7000DP
  • Impulse 7010
  • ESA612
  • ESA615
  • VT650
  • VT650 + ACCU Lung II
  • VT900A
  • VT900A + VAPOR
  • VT900A + VAPOR + ACCU Lung II
  • ProSim 8
  • ProSim SPOT
  • ProSim 4

Must order 2 or more of the items listed above to receive a 10% discount.*

The exact amount of savings depends on your region and the currency applied.








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Offer ends December 31, 2019.
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