OneQA® Workflow Automation Software

RaySafe OneQA™ Workflow Automation software

RaySafe OneQA™ Workflow Automation Software is a cloud-based application designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity, helping you achieve compliance while improving the quality and safety of your x-ray equipment. OneQA™ software pairs with the RaySafe X2 or X2 Solo, offering the flexibility to define the compliance standards of your procedures and simplifying the management of your Quality Assurance program.*

OneQA software will help you:

  • Improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy by automating execution and analysis of tests
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory agencies with improved traceability
  • Streamline testing measurements with seamless integration with the RaySafe X2 or X2 Solo
  • Collaborate real-time with your team on procedures, data analysis and reporting

*OneQA™ software is available for trial and purchase in the United States only.