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Solon Service Center Move Questions & Answers

The Fluke Biomedical/RaySafe service center, currently located in Solon, OH (Cleveland), is being relocated to Glenwood, IL, to form a state of the art service center to support calibration and repair of instrumentation. The Fluke Biomedical/RaySafe facility in Glenwood is ISO 17025 accredited facility for calibration services.

When will this change take place?

The move to the Glenwood, IL facility will be completed on December 31, 2018. However, customers must send their Fluke Biomedical/RaySafe systems to the Glenwood facility, starting December 15, 2018 for calibrations and repairs. Please refer to Will orders and invoicing change?

What kind of service can I expect from the Glenwood facility?

You will see changes regarding where products are sent, billed and invoiced. Customers can expect a high level of service, from annual calibration to fast turn-around times. 

In addition, many of the best practices pioneered by Fluke Biomedical, RaySafe and Landauer will be incorporated into the delivery services for all our devices. Service professionals currently at the Solon facility will be moving to the new facility to help ensure the continuity of our customer support processes.

What happens to the service professionals at the Solon, OH location?

Several of the employees at the Solon facility will be relocating to the new facility. Those who are choosing not to relocate, or whose positions are no longer required, are pursuing other opportunities including transitioning to other Fortive companies.

Newly created customer and service-support roles will be filled by professionals in the Glenwood, IL area.

How do I request service or calibration for my Fluke Biomedical/RaySafe product?

You can request your RMA for your product by going on line at or or we can send you a request form via email. Contact Customer Service at Phone: 1-800-850-4608 or 440-248-9300 (option 4 for calibration and repair) for assistance.

Once we receive this form, customer service will generate the RMA number and a service price quote for you. Please note: The initial reply, sent within minutes, is a confirmation of your request, not the RMA number.

The address and contact information for the Glenwood-based service center is:

Fluke Electronics Corporation
Building 3
2 Science Road
Glenwood, Illinois 60425

                  Email RaySafe: [email protected]

Email Fluke Biomedical (or third-party equipment):  [email protected]

                  Phone: 1-800-850-4608 or 440-248-9300; option 4 for calibration and repair.

Will orders and invoicing change?


Will there be a change in payments via wire transfers?


Who do I contact for updated vendor forms?

If you require updated vendor forms, please contact:

Leslie Phillips
RaySafe/Fluke Biomedical Contracts Administrator

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-425-446-5312.

If my system is due in December under my service program, may I send my unit back in January and remain in the program?

YES, if you prefer to wait until January to send your system for annual service, you are still within the guidelines of the service program.

What happens if someone in my organization mistakenly sends my system to Solon, OH?

The carriers that work with Solon, OH will be notified and units will be forwarded to Glenwood, IL.