VTGasFlowAnalyzer Plug-In Read Me

Ansur VTGasFlowAnalyzer Plug-In is a product facilitating automatic test and inspection of ventilators in conjunction with the Fluke Biomedical VT Plus HF Gas Flow Analyzer, VT Mobile Gas Flow Analyzer and VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer.


NOTE: This version requires VTPlus HF FirmWare v 1.08.0X or newer and VTMobile Firmware v1.00.65.

NOTE: Requires Ansur Executive v2.9.7 or newer.



This ReadMe file outlines changes to each subsequent version of Ansur VT Gas Flow Analyzer Plug-In relative to the previous released version.



This chapter describes the changes made between each new released version.

Release 2.1.12

1.    Style change for the Filter rate settings message.

2.    Fix for the VT Mobile not retrieving data after getting connected.

3.    Reverted the changes made for the negative airway pressure.

4.    Fix for the decimal (period and comma) separator issue with different regional settings.

5.    Renamed the Deutsch and Espanol language files to German and Spanish respectively.

Release 2.1.11

1.  Filter rate settings window modification.

2.  Hold data that is displayed in UI until user closes the filter rate window.

6.    Hiding the filter rate window on checking the ‘Do not show..” option only if the filter rate is set to None.

Release 2.1.10

1.    Bug Fix for memory leak issue with template having greater than 25 VT test elements.

2.    Fix for the VT mobile connection after a fresh installation.

3.    Fix for the different values displayed between the .MTR and the PDF files.

4.    Fix for displaying the negative airway pressure in the graph.

5.    Fix for the multiple errors occurring while opening VT plug-In template in a fresh environment.

6.    Fix for the not displayed languages in the Japanese OS.

Release 2.1.9

NOTE: This version requires VT305 Firmware VT305_3.1.000.

  1. Supports VT305 Gas Flow Analyzer Instrument.

Release 2.1.8

  1. Bug Fix: I:E Ratio.

Release 2.1.7

  1. Initial version of the Plug-In.

Language Changes

This chapter describes the changes made to the language file in each new version.
The list includes only versions where the language file was changed.

Release 2.1.9

  1. Added Language IDs: 21003 to 21084.

Release 2.1.7

  1. Initial revision



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