QA-90 Plug-In Read Me

Ansur QA-90 Plug-In is a windows application facilitating automatic safety testing via the QA-90 Safety Analyzer.




This read me file contains last minute information for Fluke Biomedical's Ansur QA-90 Plug-In.


Resolving communication problems

In version 1.5.2 communication time out settings have been added to the registry in order to enable the user to resolve further USB communication problems. These settings are placed in HKLM\Software\Fluke\Ansur\QA-90\MTI. They can be used as follows:

  • If the QA-90 is not listed when scanning ports in AnsurMLC increase CTO_QueryMTI (default value is 200ms)
  • If the QA-90 is listed in AnsurMLC, but the test never starts increase CTO_InitRemote (default value is 6000ms) and/or CTO_Default (default value is 3000ms)
  • If there is a problem restarting tests and the QA-90 never leaves remote mode increase CTO_EndRemote (default value is 200ms)


Power off delay time workaround

The QA-90 Test Sequence has a parameter called "Power off delay time" which can be used to add a delay at the end of the sequence. When using this feature, you will need to add 6 seconds to any delay you specify. This is because the QA-90 incorrectly processes the value being provided for this delay. For example, if a 2 second delay is desired, use 8 instead. If 5 seconds of delay is required, enter 11 as the value. Using a delay of 6 or less will result in no delay happening at all.

Note: This workaround only applies to the Power off delay time, not the Power up delay time.



This chapter describes the changes made between each new released version.

Release 2.2.3

  • Bug Fix: Enabling Next button after the completion of the test.
  • Bug Fix: Freezing at the end of the insulation resistance test.
  • Bug Fix: After clicking on Stepwise test in test guide, the added applied parts in Module setup are not visible.
  • Bug Fix: If limit check box is un-checked and the report type is condensed, the print report freezes and will not print.

Release 2.2.2

  • Bug fix for MTR & MTS files generated by an older version of the Plug-In (older than v2.2.0) was not opening.
  • Removed settings for “Create one service record per module”.


  • Included User manual Rev1.

Release Beta

  • Resolved DLL compatibilities.

Release Beta

  • Included default templates into Ansur Test library.

Release 2.2.1 Beta

  • Implemented configuring "Patient Lead Configuration" in custom setup.
  • Implemented common format for ESA Plug-Ins.
  • BugFix to print 1 amp for protective earth test in print report.

Release 2.2.0

  • Improvement made to printed reports - Limits data will now appear next to the result data. The separate Limits section has been eliminated.
  • Made corrections to the installation program to include standards names that were omitted from v2.1.2.

Release 2.1.2

  • Made corrections to the installation program.

Release 2.1.1

  • Added support for the 1 Amp Protective Earth Test.

Release 2.1.0

  • Upgraded the test guide to support the new test guide toolbar introduced with Ansur V2.4.
  • The Plug-In now supports COM ports with a port number greater than 16.

Release 2.0.0

  • Altered names and graphics for Fluke version.
  • User-interface upgraded to comply with Ansur v2.0 standards (Blue Ocean color scheme)

Release 1.5.3

  • User manual is now included in the installation set.
  • Bugfix: Incorrect module name was printed on the report. This was due to an inappropriate translation and has been fixed.
  • Removed an installation note that no longer applies from the installation set.

Release 1.5.2

  • Fixed a problem where the safety test stops when the computer is busy with other operations.
  • Reworked communication to avoid problems with non-compliant USB<->RS232 adapters.
  • Communication time out settings added to registry to enable the user to resolve further USB communication problems.

Release 1.5.1

  • Test guide updated so that only tests that will be run are displayed in the test result view.
  • The test currently being run is now highlighted in the test guide.
  • It is no longer possible to step inside a test group that should not be performed.

Release 1.5.0

  • Added support for AnsurMLC Version 2.X.
  • Improved error handling in communication so that the Plug-In does not hang if the QA-90 does not respond.
  • Optimized communication time out values to provide faster response.
  • Changed communication buffers to avoid loss of events and data on Windows NT.
  • Updated test guide so that measurements to be carried out are displayed before the test is started.
  • Fixed a bug where existing test results were not displayed in the test guide.
  • Fixed a bug so that the Enter key works as expected in the test guide.
  • Test guide now supports Ansur's common test guide settings (always on top, show in task bar).
  • Fixed a bug where existing test results were not displayed in the test guide.
  • Reworked status handling so that test results are saved correctly when a test has status 'NA'.

Release 1.4.6

  • Removed predefined limits for VDE standards.
  • Updated HEI95 limits.
  • Added Test Template Library with QA-90 templates.

Release 1.4.5

  • Fixed a bug where the result of a test filtered out with module filter incorrectly was set to pass. The test will now remain not performed and will not show in the test record's test results.

Release 1.4.4

  • Insulation Resistance - Applied Parts test now operational.

Release 1.4.2

  • The restore button no longer crashes the application.
  • Insulation Resistance limits and results now have unit MOhm.
  • Test Guide: Cntl N toolbar shortcut now behaves correctly.

Release 1.4.1

  • Non-module testing: If no module setup defined and the user asks that modules are run separately, the application will run through the non-module tests regardless.

Release 1.4.0

  • VDE patient leads test now performed correctly.
  • PLC and PAC: DC tests now available.


Language Changes

This chapter describes the changes made to the language file in each new version.
The list includes only versions where the language file was changed.

Release 2.1.1

  • New: 20785

Release 2.1.0

  • Altered: 20302, 20311, 20554, 20555
  • New: 20305, 20306
  • Deleted: 20328 - 20332, 20353 - 20355

Release 1.5.3

  • Text 20311 has been changed
  • Texts 20301 - 20304 are new.
  • Texts 20710 - 20711 has been removed as they are no longer in use.
  • Texts 29504 through 29507 including 29511 has been removed.
  • Changed escape code "/n" to "\n" in 29540.


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