QA-1290 Plug-In Read Me

ansur QA-1290 Plug-In is a product facilitating automatic test and inspection with the use of the QA-1290 NIBP-Analyzer.




This read me file contains last minute information for Fluke Biomedical's ansur QA-1290 version 2.0.0.




This chapter describes the changes made between each new released version.


  • Installation set prepared with Installshield-2008.

Release 2.0.0

  • Altered names and graphics for Fluke version.
  • Added support for ansur V2.

Release 1.2.7

  • Added French language support
  • Fixed loosing communication during test when dragging the Test Guide.
  • Fixed bug pressing next and previous, this no longer demands user to re-execute test
  • Fixed setting from 200/14 to 200/140
  • Fixed Enter key behavior when pressing Enter while running a test
  • Added Readme file to the QA-1290 installation set Readme(QA1290).htm