Plug-In Read Me

Ansur Plug-In is a product facilitating automatic test and inspection with the use of the ProSim 6/8 or units for testing patient simulators.



NOTE: This version requires Ansur Executive v3.1.1 or newer.


This read me file outlines changes to each subsequent version of Ansur ProSim 6/8 Plug-In relative to the previous released version.



This chapter describes the changes made between each new released version.

Release 1.1.5

  • Added AFIB2 and VFIB2 waveforms to the Arrhythmia test element.
  • Implemented the new Autosequence / Preset data format (Format3) that includes the newly added NIBP_Shift column.
  • Modified the existing the Autosequence / Preset data format to support AFIB2 and VFIB2 waveforms.
  • Added a new selection item and modified the SpO2 test element to support 20 Custom R-Curves.
  • Added a new option to view the list of custom R-Curves available in the instrument.
  • Fix for the Cardiac output test (CORUN=TRUE)
  • Modified the Autosequence / Preset to send only the user selected test elements (Removed the Temperature simulation test that was getting added with all the test elements)
  • Changes for retaining the values of the selection box for the impacted areas.
  • Backward compatibility for the waveforms changes and the SpO2 changes taken care.

Release 1.1.4

  • Removal of the AFIB2 and VFIB2 waveform implementation

Release 1.1.3

  • Removal of the AFIB2 and VFIB2 waveform implementation
  • NIBP dynamic simulation test retrieves value from the saved .mtt

Release 1.1.2

  • Fix for the Autosequence error when played through mini plug-In
  • Removal of Help text for IBP simulation test

Release 1.1.1

  • Support for the Ansur Executive v3.1.1
  • Systolic limits are reduced to 30 for few elements in the IBP Dynamic simulation test

Release 1.0.8

  1. SpO2 and Respiration tests are changed from Pass/Fail tests to Numeric Entry Test.
  2. Allow negative numbers entry for test elements executing under Autosequence.

Release 1.0.7

  1. Included feature of continuous Pressure value display for NIBP Manometer Test.

Release 1.0.6

  1. Implemented ‘CORUN’ command for Cardiac output test

Release 1.0.5

  1. Added option “Other” for Brand for the SpO2 test

Release 1.0.4

  1. Multiple Autosequence can be selected and send to device.
  2. Displaying the absolute path in the Browse textbox of Autosequence tab in Mini Plug-In.
  3. Restricting file names to 50 characters while sending to the device.
  4. Bug fix: Uploading Amplitude, Standard Deviation and Respiration values during Autosequence upload.
  5. Bug fix: Test results print issue with different languages.
  6. Clicking on Stop button, allows entering results while simulation is in progress.
  7. Enable LOG serial data for the Main and Mini Plug-In.

Release 1.0.3

  1. Fixed IBP Static Pressure issue.
  2. Provided ‘Disconnect’ button for Mini Plug-In.
  3. Proper alignments and consistent naming throughout the tabs in Mini Plug-In.
  4. Implemented Print test results depending on Operator IDs and Test IDs.
  5. Fixed the issue of the uploading proper value of Amplitude during Autosequence upload.
  6. Implemented ‘Envelop Shift’ for ‘NIBP Dynamic Simulation’ test.
  7. Implemented ‘Zero Pressure’ functionality from the Ansur TestGuide toolbar for ‘NIBP Manometer’ test.

Release 1.0.2

  1. Renamed ‘Medical Training’ to ‘ECG Testing’.
  2. Changed the limits for ECG Simulation Tests.
  3. Renamed ‘SpO2 Simulation Test’ to ‘SpO2 Test’.
  4. Renamed ‘Perfusion’ to ‘Pulse Amplitude’ for SpO2 Test.

Release 1.0.1

  1. Included ProSim 8 Mini Plug-In in ProSim 6/8 Plug-In installation set.
  2. Implemented Split and Combined preview option in ProSim 8 Mini Plug-In Print preview.
  3. Provided option to delete custom R-Curves in ProSim 8 Mini Plug-In.

Release 1.0.0

  1. Initial version of the ProSim 6/8 Plug-In. 

Language Changes

This chapter describes the changes made to the language file in each new version.
The list includes only versions where the language file was changed.

Release 1.0.0

  1. Initial Version

Release 1.0.5 Beta

  1. Added language ID 21069 for English language file.


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