lagu Plug-In Read Me

Ansur lagu Plug-In is a product facilitating automatic test and inspection with the use of the QA-IDS or lagu units for testing infusion pumps.




This read me file contains last minute information for Fluke Biomedical's Ansur QA-IDS/lagu Plug-In.


Translating help files

The lagu plug-in is packaged with a set of HTML help files that are displayed in the Test Guide window.

The help files provided with the installation are English. They are stored in the directory <ansur>\Language\QA-IDS\English\, where <ansur> is the directory where you installed Fluke Biomedical Ansur (normally C:\Program files\Fluke\ansur).


In order to translate these HTML help files to another language perform the following procedure:

  1. Copy the 'English' directory to a new directory under ...\Language\QA-IDS and name it similar to the new language you are creating, e.g. "Francais".
  2. Translate all the HTML files (*.htm) found in the new directory.
  3. Create a new language file for the QA-IDS plug-in (this is found in the language directory). Make sure that the first line in the new language file reads Francais::QA-IDS::1.1.0. It is important that the first word is the same as the name of you new HTML help directory.
  4. Name this file "Francais (QA-IDS).lng".
  5. Ensure that there exists a language file for Ansur with the new language as well "Francais (ansur).lng". If this file is not present, you will not be able to select the new language created in step 1 through 3.

Known Issues

When performing one template using different channels on a multi-channel lagu, only the latest used channel will be recorded in the test records MTI data.


When performing a Prime or Drain operation from an Occlusion Test window, after running an Occlusion Test, the Prime or Drain will be performed on the same channel as selected when performing the Occlusion Test.



This chapter describes the changes made between each new released version.


  • Installation set prepared from Installshield-2008.

Release 1.6.1

  • Fixed a problem where the COM port was locked after an occlusion test so that other tests would not run. It is now possible to run other Ansur tests on the same COM port after performing an occlusion test.

Release 1.6.0

  • The plug-in is now able to run tests simultaneously on two lagu channels using only on COM port.
  • User manual was updated.

Release 1.5.0

  • Upgraded the test guide to support the new test guide toolbar introduced with Ansur V2.4.
  • The plug-in now supports COM ports with a port number greater than 16.
  • Created own windows for Prime and Drain operations.

Release 1.4.0

  • Altered names and graphics for Fluke version.

Release 1.3.1

  • Bugfix: An error in V1.3.0 made it impossible to run tests using the QA-IDS Infusion Pump Tester. This problem has been fixed in V1.3.1.

Release 1.3.0

  • Updated to support the newest lagu firmware and make it possible to run tests using both channels on a lagu at the same time.
  • Added french langauge and help files.

Release 1.2.0

  • Unit on occlusion test's alarm time changed to hh:mm:ss.
  • Implemented support for new limit features introduced in Ansur V2.2. This will ensure that lagu limits are displayed properly in Ansur's test result window. It will also enable the user to select how flow test limits should be calculated.
  • Fixed a problem where the Channel Selection window was displayed under the test guide if the test guide was set to be 'always on top'.
  • Updated detailed result view so that limits can be displayed in the flow graph.

Release 1.1.4

  • Fixed a problem where negative back pressure was not transferred correctly to the lagu. Flow test can now be run with negative back pressure.

Release 1.1.3

  • Increased communication time to avoid problems when the MTI is busy processing data.

Release 1.1.2

  • Fixed a problem where results from the Occlusion Test where not always displayed.
  • It is now possible to change the unit of the occlusion test's Alarm Pressure.

Release 1.1.1

  • Updated so that current pressure displayed when the occlusion test is completed is the stop pressure.
  • Unit displayed for Alarm Time in test record is now seconds.

Release 1.1.0

  • Adjusted auto scaling so that flow vs time graphs are scaled to +/-10% and trumpet curves to +/-5% of the min and max plotted values.
  • Pump Flow Rate and Overall Percentage Error are now selected by default in the graphs.
  • The flow vs time graph is now shifted so that the first dT sample is displayed between X = 0 and X = 1 dT.
  • Cumulative Volume and Overall Percentage Error has been included as measurements in the flow test and will be printed on the report.
  • The report now also includes percentage error for the different flow measurements.
  • Flow test configuration data is now printed on the report.
  • Fixed an error where flow test results where printed as 0.
  • When a flow test is restarted, previous test results are now deleted.
  • Default flow rate for occlusion test is changed to 100 ml/h.
  • Cumulative Volume is now displayed with three decimals.

Release 1.0.5

  • Added compatibility for Ansur V2.1. V1.0.5 cannot be run on Ansur V2.0.x.
  • Fixed problem with Flow graph autoscale not being updated when toggling between flow graph and trumpet curve.
  • Fixed an error where the last point in the flow graph was not printed on the report.

Release 1.0.4

  • Delay time setting can now be as low as 0 seconds. Previously, it was restricted to a low limit of 10 seconds.
  • Flow waveform is now drawn and printed using differential interpolation. I.e. a line between two points in the curve is not drawn diagonally, but rather as two lines. (Horizontal and vertical)
  • User manual is now included in the installation set.

Release 1.0.3

  • 'Previous', 'Next' and 'NA' buttons are now disabled properly when a flow test or occlusion test is being performed.
  • Fixed bug where default trumpet curve setting was not auto-selected.
  • Delay time is now added to the Flow Test's 'Time Elapsed' indicator as a negative value. Thus, elapsed time counts from (0 minus Delay time) and upwards.
  • Improved time synchronization between plug-in and MTI.
  • The final dT result of the flow test (FF-Message) was erroneously ignored. It is now processed properly.
  • Plug-in now correctly detects when a flow test is completed and issues a notice to the user.
  • The <Enter> key is no longer the "hot-key" for 'Start', 'Stop' and 'Next'. This has now been assigned to the 'F9' key. This is because the <Enter> key is also used elsewhere in the new Test Guides for Ansur versions > 2.0, and users were accidentally stopping and starting tests.
  • Increased communications time-out to 600ms, as a lower time-out caused the plug-in to receive incomplete messages.
  • 'Prime' and 'Drain' options are now properly enabled after a test is completed or stopped.
  • Changed color scheme of some Test Guide labels to increase readability on some displays.
  • Trumpet curve's X-axis is now auto-scaled to fit the curve, not the defined number of dT's.
  • Auto-scaling the trumpet-curve's Y-axis did not work properly. This is now fixed.
  • When printing the trumpet curve on the report its X-axis is now auto-scaled to the fit curve, not the defined number of dT's.
  • Improved report for occlusion test. All values for all tests are now maintained and printed in addtion to the overall max and mean values.
  • Fixed bug where graphs were not included on the report unless they had been previously been displayed in Test Guide or Detailed Result View.

Release 1.0.2

  • Plug-in now verifies that the correct version of AnsurMLC is installed and informs the user to update if necessary.

Release 1.0.1

  • Fixed backward-compatibility issues.
  • Corrected erroneous language-translations.



Language Changes

This chapter describes the changes made to the language file in each new version.
The list includes only versions where the language file was changed.

Release 1.5.0

  • New entries: 20240 - 20248
  • Removed entries: 20200 - 20202

Release 1.3.0

  • New entry: 29010

Release 1.1.0

  • New entries: 20106, 20227 - 20228, 20511 - 20514

Release 1.0.3

  • New entries: 20223 - 20226

Release 1.0.2

  • Changed entries: 20205
  • New entries: 29020 - 29021

Release 1.0.1

  • Changed entries: 20205 - 20206
  • New entries: 20216 - 20221, 20408 - 20412