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Better Together

We are pleased to announce our “Better Together” promotion for the month of June! Complete solutions for patient monitor testing and gas flow testing. (including ventilators and anesthesia machines)

Two great options:

Buy a VT900A + Vapor bundle or a VT900A+Vapor+ Acculung II Bundle and receive a 10% discount*



Test all your medical gas flow devices in the hospital with VT900A + VAPOR.

Buy a ProSim 8 and a SPOT SPO2 Module together and get a 10% discount*

ProSim 8

ProSim 8 + SPOT

Test all your patient monitors in the hospital, including your most critical care monitors with one device. ProSim 8 + SPOT your all in one, portable solution.

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VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer + VAPOR Anesthesia Tester

VT900A+VAPOR helps you to accomplish any medical gas flow testing in your hospital. The VT900A will measure a wide range of pressure, flow, and volume of medical gases in a single airway channel – no need for multiple modules. It also will measure O2 concentration, temperature, relative humidity and has a built-in barometer. VT900A compensates for all environmental factors so you don’t have to. You can save multiple measurement configurations so that you can call up the right test profile for each ventilator, anesthesia machine, or other medical gas flow testing that you do. You can test all day with a built-in researchable battery and measurement saving capability. VT900A also includes the ability to test ultra-low flow and pressure when high resolution and accuracy are required. When you include the VAPOR Anesthesia Tester with VT900A you can measure anesthesia gas concentration. VAPOR can measure two anesthetics in a mix in order to ensure proper mechanical interlock function. It measures all five anesthetic agents plus N2O and CO2.

ProSim 8 Vital Sign and ECG Patient Simulator

ProSim 8 with SPOT was designed to make comprehensive patient monitor testing fast and easy. All the functionality you need to test a wide variety of patient monitors is in one portable unit. Connect your monitor only once to do a fully synchronized simulation of ECG, respiration, temperature, cardiac output, NIBP, 2 channel IBP, and SpO2 including Masimo Rainbow and popular models from Nellcor and Nonin. Save time and make testing easier with onboard automation, the ability to save test results and a built-in, rechargeable battery. No need to have multiple pieces of equipment, battery packs, or multiple connections. ProSim 8 is fully adjustable in all parameters and isn’t stuck to a narrow set of pre-sets. ProSim 8 is also a great choice to train clinicians on monitor use.

ProSim 8 + SPOT

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*Terms and Conditions for VT900A + VAPOR Bundle.

*Terms and Conditions for ProSim 8 + SPOT Bundle.