RaySafe X2 X-ray Measurement System

X-ray measurement at your fingertips

We’ve grown accustomed to intuitive interactions with our devices. After all, it’s not the device that’s most important, but what you can achieve with it that matters. Simplicity has always been a hallmark for RaySafe. But simplicity on the outside requires a lot of work on the inside. Our simplicity comes from a careful balance of advanced sensor technology paired with electronic wizardry and intelligent signal processing. The result – a radiation dosimeter system that provides accurate X-ray measurements with the ultimate in user friendliness. Right at your fingertips.

RaySafe X2 among accessories
RaySafe X2 with stuff
RaySafe X2 Home Screen

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RaySafe X2 System

Quick Guide

RaySafe X2 Dental Panoramic Holder Label
RaySafe X2 Mo/Rh filter for MAM kV measurements
RaySafe X2 W/Al Scanning with RaySafe X2 MAM

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RaySafe X2 Mammography Coverage Table
RaySafe X2 Xi Solo Product Accessories

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RaySafe X2 User Manual
RaySafe X2 View User Manual

Application Note

Application Note: Measuring kVp during calibration of GE AMX 4, 4+, or 700 with RaySafe X2
Application Note: Measuring mA on RaySafe X2 vs RaySafe Xi
RaySafe Application Note: Exposure time on RaySafe X2 vs Xi


RaySafe X2 Specifications Leaflet


RaySafe X2 EU Declaration of Conformity