Multi-Purpose Tissue / Cyst Ultrasound Phantom

The Multipurpose Tissue/Cyst Ultrasound Phantom helps provide both quantitative and qualitative information on the performance of all diagnostic ultrasound-imaging systems. When used on a regular basis, it promotes uniform system performance, better patient data, and more productive work schedules. Imaging equipment can be evaluated for axial and lateral resolution, vertical and horizontal distance calibration and linearity, and ring down. This updated and improved phantom is filled with Zerdine®, a solid-elastic, water-based polymer that exhibits echogenic patterns similar to those encountered in human liver parenchyma. Unlike other phantom materials, Zerdine is elastic and is not damaged by heavier scanning pressures. It is also highly resistant to damage by extreme temperatures.

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84-317 Multipurpose Tissue Cyst Ultrasound Phantom User's Manual
84-317 User's Manual