Model 942A, 946A, & 956A Universal Digital Ratemeters

Universal Digital Ratemeters (UDR) are radiation monitoring instruments capable of being directly interfaced to pulse producing or low current producing detectors and displaying the radiation signal in various engineering units; (CPM, mR/h, or μCi/cc).

The Model 942A-200 UDR can be used with all Model 943 Series Beta and Gamma Scintillation Detectors. The detector, when connected to the UDR, will comprise a single channel digital process monitoring channel. The Model 946A-200 UDR can be used with all Model 977 Series Wide Range Ion Chamber Detectors. The Model 956A-201 can be used with all Model 897A Series GM Detectors. Simulators are available for all models.

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Models 942A, 946A, 956A

Manual » User's Manual

942A-200 Operator's Manual
942A-200L Operator's Manual
956A-201-M2 & 897A-2XX Instruction Manual
956A-201-S1 Operator's Manual
960CD-22X Operator's Manual
960CI-200 Instruction Manual
960PS-200/210 Operator's Manual
960SF-22X/23X User's Manual
960SG-500 Instruction Manual


942A, 946A And 956 A Datasheet