Automate your ventilator test with OneQA | Fluke Biomedical

Now available for ventilator quality assurance


OneQA is our software platform that enables automated workflows for testing biomedical devices, including your gas flow equipment. It helps improve the safety of your ventilators and gives you more time to focus on tasks that matter most (or to finally grab that cup of coffee).


Fluke Biomedical OneQA automation software helps you


  • Reduce errors in testing and measurement recording of high-risk medical devices such as ventilators and anesthesia machines thereby ensuring patient safety.


  • Allow for easy onboarding of your new teammates or training other engineers in your shop with standardized procedures that include helpful hints and visual guidance with images and PDFs.


  • Streamline a full preventative maintenance procedure on a ventilator by automating and running both ventilator and electrical safety tests and reducing overall test time. Work smarter.


  • Lower the pressure on your entire team – no need to remember every port they need to connect to, every correcting factor they need to set, or what type of channel they need to use. Now all of that is taken care of by the Fluke Biomedical OneQA.


  • Generate instant shareable reports after a test or checklist is complete. Store for archival, share with the tap of a finger or send test results to your CMMS provider to automatically close work orders through our system integration.

Our customer success team will gladly answer any questions you have about OneQA! Please, fill out the form and we will contact you.