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RaySafe signs exclusive agreement with Philips on Dose Management Solution

EVERETT, WASHINGTON – RaySafe, acquired by Fluke Biomedical in February 2014, has signed an exclusive agreement with Philips to license out the Patient Dose Management System RaySafe S1. The RaySafe S1 is a cloud based patient dose tracking system launched in 2013 that helps healthcare institutions lower patient dose, improve process quality and increase productivity in imaging workflow while reducing costs.

In an effort to accelerate market reach and better support healthcare institutions to avoid unnecessary radiation RaySafe has searched for a strong partner. Philips is launching groundbreaking initiatives to provide solutions that lower dose and create a safer environment for patients as well as medical staff.

Each year approximately 3.6 billion x-ray examinations are performed worldwide, leading to earlier and more accurate diagnosis of medical diseases. However, considerable concern has been voiced regarding the stochastic and even deterministic impact on both patients and medical staff. It is critical to ensuring the proper performance of x-ray equipment and of keeping the dose to medical staff and patients as low as reasonably achievable.

“We are committed to providing innovative products and offerings to help avoid unnecessary risks. Moreover, we believe that only a holistic approach to radiation safety can effectively reduce unnecessary radiation exposure to patients and medical staff. As a consequence of this agreement RaySafe will discontinue to market and sell the RaySafe S1 solution,” cites Magnus Kristoferson, CEO of RaySafe. “We will continue to develop innovative and ease of use solutions to provide a safer healthcare and within Radiology, specifically strengthen our focus on quality assurance solutions and real time dosimetry.”

“This focus on mutually beneficial relationships is at the core of our approach to growth. We envision our product portfolio and our partnerships growing to answer market demand with innovative state of the art solutions,” cites Eric Conley, GM of Fluke Biomedical.

“Our mission, is to together improve the quality of global health – one measurement at a time,” Conley explained. “Commitment to our customers, to the health community and patients everywhere, runs deep. We deliver on that, by providing the best and most reliable quality assurance solutions to make medical equipment safer to use.”

Come visit Fluke Biomedical and RaySafe together, in Booth #1718 at the Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA), running November 30th through December 5th in Chicago, Ill. Our visit us online to learn more about our innovative products and solutions offerings.

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RaySafe offers a comprehensive solution for the X-ray room consisting of devices for quality assurance and service of diagnostic X-ray machines, real-time dose monitoring for medical staff and a patient dose tracking software. The company was founded in 1994 in Bildal, Sweden, where the headquarters is still located today. RaySafe is fully owned by Fluke Biomedical since 2014. For more information on RaySafe, visit www.raysafe.com.

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