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New updated PTB certificate for RaySafe X2

BILLDAL, SWEDEN – RaySafe, the global leader of X-ray quality assurance solutions, has received a new updated PTB approval for RaySafe X2.

The new RaySafe X2 approval has a complete coverage for dose and dose rate measurements. The RaySafe X2 is, without any settings, capable of measuring dose and dose rate before and after patient equivalent phantoms. Both for R/F and MAM beam qualities making it a unique product in the marketplace.

“We are happy to announce that we are adding the X2 CT Sensor to the list of PTB certified sensors for the RaySafe X2, meaning that the RaySafe X2 with CT, R/F and MAM sensor is approved by PTB. The dosimeter can therefore be calibrated and used for acceptance tests according to RöV”, says Mr. Göran Zelander, Product Manager at RaySafe.

Included in the updated PTB certificate DE-17-M-PTB-0053:

- PTB approval RaySafe X2 system – for the latest Base Unit firmware
- PTB approved X2 CT dose sensor – now approved for legal measurements for dose length product on CT (RQR, RQA, RQT and N150 beam qualities)
- Renewed PTB approval for new version of the X2 MAM sensor including new beam qualities Rh/Ag and W/Ti
- Renewed PTB approval for X2 R/F sensor – including new features on X2 R/F sensor (and kVp measurement on CT scanners)
The RaySafe X2 is a complete system for multiparameter measurements of R/F, MAM, CT, Light, Survey and mAs on all X-ray modalities and is specifically designed to minimize the need for user interaction. – Less effort. More Insight.

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