Fluke Biomedical announces the release of the new Medical ScopeMeter and Non-Invasive kVp Divider Kit | Fluke Biomedical
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Fluke Biomedical announces the release of the new Medical ScopeMeter and Non-Invasive kVp Divider Kit

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Fluke Biomedical announced today that it has released the 199XRAY Medical ScopeMeter and 35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider kit. This powerful combination significantly streamlines x-ray system calibration, QA or corrective maintenance procedure setup, and analysis.

"The 199XRAY Medical ScopeMeter high-performance oscilloscope is ideal for engineers who need the full capabilities of a high-performance oscilloscope in a handheld, battery-powered instrument," said Gary Kaufmann, Product Manager for Fluke Biomedical. The 199XRAY offers specifications usually found on top-end bench instruments.

"The 35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider can eliminate the need for bulky and heavy high-voltage divider tanks. It's so compact in size that it fits into a shirt pocket." The 35080M quickly and accurately measures kV for all modalities. The unit checks both above and below table tubes and digitally displays the peak and average kV values along with the waveform on the 199XRAY Medical ScopeMeter. Alternatively, the Model 35050AT Dosimeter and optional Excel Add-in software can be used to display and record kV readings.

The 35080M Non-Invasive kV Divider and 199XRAY Medical ScopeMeter can be used together as a kit or separately.

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